Hi I’m Dr Jen and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Clinical Psychologist living with diabetes since childhood and am very open about my personal struggles with many aspects of managing my health, including living with diabetes distress and overcoming emotional eating.

I believe that tools drawn from a mind-body approach (psychological in other words!) are the missing link for many of us who are struggling to manage our diabetes (of all types) and our weight. I’ve found the missing tools to my own journey and now love nothing better that to inspire you to find yours!

I’d love to support you through my books and online self-help services and I also have a small talented team of Therapists who can support you 1:1, where ever you are located in the world. We have online support programmes available from just £7, and 1:1 therapy starts from just £65. Please don’t struggle on, on your own we can help you get the support you need.

If you have any type of diabetes and would like diabetes specific help (e.g. managing diabetes distress/low mood, fears and anxiety, staying motivated, managing diagnosis, insulin omission, sexual difficulties, relating to health professionals) or any other specific concern, please visit www.PositiveDiabetes.com and email: info@positivediabetes.com

If you are struggling with your weight and would like mind-body support, please visit www.EatingBlueprint.com for a range of online self-help programmes from Dr Jen, or email: hello@eatingblueprint.com. 

I look forward to supporting you towards your best possible health, very soon!