Be Kind to Yourself

If you’ve started the New Year with an intention for your health and it’s already fading, that’s ‘normal’. Most people apparently give up their resolutions entirely by the second week of January. If that’s you, I invite you to do something different this year.

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t be so driven by success and failure, black and white, good and bad.


The people I’ve worked with over the years who have made the changes they want are the ones who’ve developed a kind inner voice and talk to themselves like they’d talk to a loved one. Rather than ‘you’ve messed up’, ‘you’re such a failure’, ‘you can’t do anything right’ they start to say things like:

  • ‘I’m changing and it takes time to change’
  •  ‘I’ve done well to manage what I have’
  • ‘Keep going’
  •  ‘It took me years to get this way, so it will take me more than a few days to get where I want to be’
  • ‘It’s been a hard week, but what can I do differently next week?’


Being kind to yourself doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook though! You set an intention for your health because it’s important to you, so being kind to yourself also involves developing the skill of resilience.


I’m imagining you already have resilience in other parts of your life – to keep going in your job, parenting, or caring duties, involves an ability to put off the pleasure of what’s easy to do in the moment (avoid going for that walk today) for the long term pleasure of what you’re aiming for (whether that’s looking better, feeling better or meeting some numbers based goal).


So in the days that come, ask yourself, ‘What would I say to a loved one who was thinking this way?’ and you’ll get a fresh sense of clarity over how to be kinder to yourself.


If you’d like my help with supporting yourself to develop these skills, please consider joining one of my ‘Mind & Body’ programmes.  I created them because I remember the loneliness of struggling with the thoughts and feelings that stopped ME getting the results I wanted, and I don’t want one more person to struggle on their own when they don’t have to. Join me, and let me help you develop those ‘inner skills’ you may be missing. I’d love to be the one to help you! Read more here: Diabetes Mind & Body Programme and Eating Blueprint Mind & Body Programme.




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